At nlhEnvironmental, we are still working hard and are fully capable of supporting our clients remotely. We have, however, modified how we deliver some of our services in line with social distancing guidelines.

If you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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    nlhEnvironmental Support Packages

    We offer 3 levels of support for businesses who are developing their Environmental Strategy, designed for any business or budget. Download here.

    Sustainability Guide for SMEs – Free Download

    ISO 14001 Toolkit – Full

    Download Available

    We understand that businesses don’t always need the full support of a consultant to implement their Environmental Management System (EMS), however, sometimes need a bit of a helping hand. So, we’ve developed an ISO 14001 toolkit to help you develop a few key documents and procedures for your business in line with the 2015 standard. […]

    ISO 14001 Toolkit – Management Review

    Download Available

    The ISO 14001 standard defines specific areas that must be communicated back to senior management. This tool includes a presentation and minutes template with specific agenda items.

    ISO 14001 Toolkit – Nonconformities and Corrective Actions

    Download Available

    If you’ve identified nonconformities, these tools will help you close them out and ensure they don’t happen again.

    ISO 14001 Toolkit – Internal Audit

    Download Available

    Check that your EMS is functioning how it should be.

    ISO 14001 Toolkit – Communications Plan

    Download Available

    Develop a plan for how you will communicate your environmental commitments both internally and externally.

    ISO 14001 Toolkit – Environmental Objectives

    Download Available

    Develop your environmental objectives and put plans in place to achieve them.

    ISO 14001 Toolkit – Environmental Aspects & Impacts

    Download Available

    Identify the business activities within the scope of your EMS that have a potential environmental impact. This tool will help you highlight significant aspects.

    ISO 14001 Toolkit – Risks and Opportunities

    Download Available

    Identify the risks to achieving the intended outcomes of your EMS and how can you turn these into a positive opportunity for your business.

    ISO 14001 Toolkit – Leadership Commitment

    Download Available

    This section is key to ensuring that senior management play a role in developing and managing your EMS.

    ISO 14001 Toolkit – Business Context

    Download Available

    This section looks at interested parties as well as potential issues that could affect your EMS performing as intended.

    ISO 14001 Toolkit – Scope and Environmental Policy

    Download Available

    Define the scope of your EMS and develop your Environmental Policy.

    SECR Guide – Free Download

    CSR Strategy Development Tool – Free Download


    Supporting businesses in making a positive impact

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